Mindfulness this Christmas

  We’re once again in a celebratory time of the year with Christmas just around the corner. While this is such a wonderful time to spend with friends and family, a lot of our clients the past two weeks are stressed beyond words. In between long to-do lists and busy schedules (and of course loadshedding) […]

Maintaining Health behaviours in the long term – How SMART are you?

Practice News Weight loss challenge on the 2nd of September we kicked off our first weight loss challenge for the season in collaboration with Vitaoncology. This includes weekly challenges as well as full body composition scans on our Inbody 120 scales. We continue to be amazed at their enthusiasm and hard work. Mid challenge weigh […]

A Multi-angled approach to weight loss

Practice News Stronger Together We celebrated women’s day on the 9th of August. We used the opportunity to raise awareness for osteoporosis seeing that women have such a high risk of developing this condition. Approximately one in two women aged 50 and older will break a bone as a result of having osteoporosis. Consuming adequate […]